Learner Features and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I am learner, how its helpful to me ?

  1. As a learner, You can search for a local Driving School or Driving Instructors with your postcode.
  2. List of Driving Instructors and their services are displayed.
  3. You can select the Driving school, Instructor services you looking for.
  4. Real-time availability or live business schedule of your Instructor shown to book an instant appointment.
  5. Once booked, you will receive an SMS and Email confirmation for the booking.

How do I pay?

Pay online directly to Driving Instructors  via paypal or credit card or pay in car as per your convenience.

Is the schedule in Real time ?

Yes, Its live booking system once booked the slot will be blocked in your name.

Is it One to One service?

Yes, Our scheduling system is designed for One to One. Once the slot is booked its allocated to you.

Can I book my preferred Driving Instructor?

Yes, you can book your preferred Instructor as our platform shall also display the availability of each staff member of the Driving School.

Can I change my profile details?

Log in to your account and You can edit/cancel your booking.

How can I can cancel my booking?

You will lose your deposit or the charge made when booking. It is your responsibility to let the School know that you are cancelling.

Why do you need my details?

mydrivinglesson.co.uk need your details to pass on to the Driving School, to ensure accuracy – just the same way you would give details if you had booked your appointment by phone.

Is the price shown guaranteed by the Driving School?

Yes, the Driving School sets there prices not mydrivinglesson.co.uk.

Do you charge any commission?

No, learner pay directly to the instructor or school – we don’t ask for any payments.

Do I receive any confirmation after appointment is booked?

Learner receives complete information of the booking by email and SMS like instructor name,phone,email,booking date/time etc.

Whom to contact for any changes

Once appointment is booked please contact your instructor or school and all details received to your email.

Can I request for a pick up facility?

Yes, at the time of booking you have the option to provide your pick up location.

Do you own any driving schools or have instructors working?

No, mydrivinglesson.co.uk is only a medium or platform to book appointments and does not have instructors or own any driving school.

Is this a Franchise?

No,this is not a Franchise model, we are an independent company.